Writing about four topics (2010)

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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2011
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Writing about four topics (whether they are true or not)

I’ve never cheated in an exam, but when I was about 10 years old, one day I played truant just for theday. The following day, my teacher gave me a note for my father to sign, but I forged his signature, and gave it back to the teacher. I was just a mere child and did itbecause I didn’t want anybody to know. I was lucky because nothing happened as nobody ever found out what I had done…

It happened last year in a basketball matchbetween Valencia Powers and Barcelona Regal. Barcelona started winning and kept on winning throughout all the match. At the last moment, the sports hall was alivewith excitement, as Barcelona was winning by two points, but suddenly in the last second, a lucky three-point basket, gave Valencia the victory. All the excitedspectators gave such a jump, that the sports hall started to vibrate…

It happened ten years ago. I was playing basketball with my son Pablo and some of his friends.Suddenly, I realized I had pulled a tendon in my ankle and fell on the court. I couldn’t get up or walk, so I was taken to hospital. My Achilles' tendon was torn and I wasoperated on. I had lots of physiotherapy sessions and needed about six months to get better...

Four years ago I went to Málaga to see the Final-Four Basketball forthe Spanish King’s Cup. I was walking along the esplanade and met Pau Gassol, who was having a walk with other basketball players. I knew he was a tall guy, but whenI was next to him, I realized that he was very much taller than I had thought. I asked him for a photo and he very kindly allowed me to take some of him.

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