Writing assignment on critical essay on the sound and the fury

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Writing Assignment on Critical Essay on
The Sound and the Fury

In “[The Meaning of Form] in the Sound and the Fury” Donald Kartiganer clarify the role of the main characters and the form of thefour sections in William Faulkner’s complex novel.
To begin with, Kartiganer explains that Benjy’s section has more authority than his brothers’. Kartiganer claims that this authority is due to theobjectivity of this section. What Benjy narrates becomes more real to the reader than what his brothers narrate because he is not able to distinguish between past and present time, and time to himmeans nothing but an instant. He is not tide to any event in the past; he only tells what has actually happened. Kartiganer claims that Benjy tells life no text. Kartiganer’s analysis of Benjy’s role asa character and narrator helps the readers to clarify the difficulties they encounter in the understanding of this complex section of the novel.
Also, Kartiganer claims that Quentin’s, as well asJason’s, scene is full of subjectivity. He explains that Quentin creates to avoid suffering and that he replaces life with his own interpretation of it. Caddy loss of virginity and the change fromchildhood to adulthood represents to Quentin the root of his confusion in life, He says, “Caddy’s development from child to adolescent and her subsequent loss of virginity epitomizes that change which, inQuentin’s mind, is the essence of confusion (333). After reading Kartiganer’s work it comes more clear that Quentin’s insistence in his commiting incest with his sister and going to hell represents ahell that would free him from reality and confusion and in that way from suffering. The readers can find more easily the differences between Benjy’s objective monologue and Quentin’s subjectivity andthe benefits of each. The readers can appreciate the truth in Benjamin’s words but also the ordeal in Quentin’s perception of the events.
Kartiganer not only explains Benjy’s and Quentin’s...
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