Writing drilling

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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2010
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Writing Drilling

Cars are one cause of pollution in Santiago. First, cars cause air pollution, thousands of cars are take to the streets daily in Santiago, these cars emits huge amounts of carbonmonoxide in their exhaust and this carbon monoxide pollutes the air. There are five millions cars now in Santiago, so you can imagine how is raising the air pollution everyday. Santiago is one of themost contaminated cities in the world, but cities such as Mexico DF, Pekin and Los Angeles are worse. When you are in the streets is normal to see huge dark clouds of toxic gases emitted by cars andonly a few people is worried about this, it is an issue that has no solution in the near future.
Additionally, cars cause noise pollution. Because many drivers are impatient and have bad tempers, theyconstantly keep their horns and fill Santiago’s air with unnecessary noise. Sometimes, new roads and streets mean facilities, but they also mean disorders and unnecessary noise caused by the cars andtheir drivers, this problem interrupts the peaceness of some places, for example my house is near a street and there are always cars transiting there, so sometimes I cant study or even sleep, eventhought it isn`t and important street, imagine yourself trying to sleep near a crowded street, it would be impossible.
As a conclusion, we can say that cars pollute the air, with noise and with CarbonMonoxide.

Factories are another cause of pollution in Santiago, first because of the wastes thrown into the environment. The factories when finish producing, they have to do something with all theuseless things, so they turn this things into wastes that sometimes are burnt, or sometimes are directly throw to rivers o lakes, and this cause the environmental pollution. In Chile, there are manygroups that works for the protection of the natural environment, like “Chile sin represas”, these groups usually work against factories that cause environmental pollution.
Also some factories don’t...
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