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“Our appearance, the way we dress, etc., reflects who we are. It is therefore important to be consistent in the style weadopt throughout our lives” Discuss.
Nowdays, the way we dress is a clear reflection of our lifestyle. Things such hair style or clothes cancomunicate the music we like, our favorite books and our personality. However, not everybody understands well this kind of language, and this might producea lot of prejudgements between people in our society.
On the one hand, when you see someone you have never seen before, you just can find outthings about him by seeing his appearance. It happens in our life everyday. Accordingly, we should adopt a consistent style which express the things wewant to project. On the other hand, sometimes we have to adapt our style to certain contexts. Therefore, it creates a illusion or a blurred imageof ourselves. We like expressing ourselves with our own style, but sometimes it can be offensive or not appropriated for some people or contexts. Forinstance, someone who like rock music is usually long-haired, but when he wants to apply for a job he is told to cut his wonderful hair in order tobe consistent in the “style” of the corporation.
To sum up, I think is important to try to be consistent in the style we dress as it is what we“say” to people who see us. Nevertheless, it creates a false image of everybody forcing us not to rely totally on what we see.

Sergio Marín Gómez
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