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Loved, I make Mayor of Puig-reig come this letter due to a few complaints that I take as the environmental problems, which I believe that they are not given very to end and that they pass a bit forhigh place. Now that we are holidays the television was looking at the channel of our people in which there was the written one in order that this Christmas there was no so many light pollution in theone that it was putting: the lights of Christmas cannot ignite before the 20th and the hour of igniting them it will be from 7 p.m. until 12 p.m. and in the day 24 y 5 these will be able to remaineven it 1p.m flushed, etc.
Not to do so many light communication, a bit serious meeting that puts his schedules of the lights of Christmas in our own houses or balconies and furthermore that from thetown hall these schedules or these measures are not fulfilled.
Redaction from page 41 number 2

In my opinion about the improvement of the world, it is that, in the past of our lives the world, itwas a world in full development, thanks to this development, does that in the world in which we live now it is a more developed world though we know that still there remains great for doing, but thatalso we have done many improvements.
We could have improved the conditions of lives, but also it is necessary to say that not everything what exists they should be beneficial, since there are thingsthat do the much easier life to us now but that tomorrow it can takes us prejudices for the health. Already we know that we have evolved very much with technology and also we know what they facilitatethe life to us, but also we know that these leave harmful remains that damage to us to the health, nevertheless we continue them making serve as if nothing. For example: the invention of the car wasvery good, but these leave us noxious and pollutant gases. Nevertheless we continue using the car, and as this thousand more things. Now if it is true through that nowadays we live better that in the...
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