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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2012
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Criticizes to the article
Is Google Making us stupid?

By Luis Espinosa

Nicholas Carr author of the article ‘Is Google making us stupid?’ in 2008, describes what the internet is doing to ourbrains and how our brains are becoming lazy thanks to the facilities that internet bring to us, he makes a time line describing how the tasks that we have to do day by day are becoming easier becausewe are developing new ways to improve these tasks. He suggest that make tasks efficiently is the way to improve our own developing.

Nicholas Carr (2008) shows us how our brain is just an empty boxwaiting to be programmed to know what is the right way to think and proceed in a specific situation. He compares our brain with Hal the supercomputer in the movie A space Odyssey; He presents Hal asan example of how the contemporary world is affecting the way that we are using our brains in how we read and research information. The contemporary world and consequently the technology that thecontemporary world implies is making our brains work in a dispersed manner, the way that we are keeping touch with the outside world has had a big change thanks to new technology and especially to the weband Google. Deep research is obsolete now, it as if we were like robots waiting for instructions and procedures, our research habits are changing and it is because all the information that someonecould need is provided by Google therefore our ability to interpret information is reduced to scanning headlines of information and how to find the things that we need in a diffuse cyberspace. Caseslike the old philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and the young entrepreneur Frederick Winslow Taylor are perfect examples of how our brain could be malleable to make an efficient work system, understandingefficiency as a way to get more profits with less effort. This is exactly the way that Google is looking for; build a perfect system of artificial intelligence able to solve any question in just one...
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