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Read the first chapter and answer the following questions:
1. Study at the first sentence (“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single
manin possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife”, p. 5) of the novel
and comment on it, basing your answer in the following points:

1.1 Look at the phrase “universally acknowledged”: Inwhat kind of contexts do you
usually find this kind of phrase?
With this phrase Jane Austen shows that the novel is going to have an humoristic part because this phrase isn’t the type of phrasethat could be called “truth universally acknowledged”. This term usually is matched with science facts that can be proved only by the personal experience like “the sun rises in the east”

1.2 Look atthe clause that follows after “acknowledged”. Does it have any logic?
Maybe in XIX century it had some logic but, actually , the author is ridiculing those mothers whose only worriying is to haveher daugthers well married and are able to do everything to achieve it.

1.3. Who is the speaker of this first sentence of the chapter? the narrator

1.4 How is the phrase important for the novelas a whole? This phrase summarize the main point of the book, around which the plot developes: the search of a good husband

2. What does the first chapter reveal about women’s lives during JaneAusten’s time? They didn’t have the possibility of an education so their only aim in life were to find a husband with a good heritage

3. What does this first chapter reveal about the characters ofMr and Mr Bennett and the
interaction (relationship) between them?
Mr Bennet consider his wife intellectually inferior. He speak to her always ironically and unconcerned???. On her part, shemarried with him because she thought that his heritage wasn’t so bad , she think that Mr Bennet isn’t involved enought in the engagement of their daugthers.

***4. What kind of narrative technique does...
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