Written project

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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2012
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Written project
One day, Carlos smith call to Adam, an important investor how can avoid that Carlos’s company get in to a bankruptcy. He was a friend of Carlos father, how died when Carlos was 15years. Carlos invited Adam and his wife Patricia to a dinner in his house, to talk about the investment.
6 days latters the day of the dinner arrived, Carlos had been very stressed because the dinnerand he had been discussing all the days with his wife Ester. Ester knows the important of the dinner so that she don`t pay attention to the discussing, because understand that Carlos were verystressed.
In the morning of the day of the dinner Carlos and ester wake up early and started to prepare all. First, they clean all the house and the kitchen, after that prepared a big fish to the dinner andset the tablet. They put 3 white candels scented with jasmine, the favorite smell of Patricia and the best dishes they have. Also, they buy 2 bottles of expensive wine and some incomings before themain coursing.
When they finish all the preparations, they go to the room to get dress before the Adams arrived. He wears a beige suit and she wear a long black dress with low-cut and a white necklace.She was impressive, she want to draw the attention of Adam because she knows he like her and she think that can help to the decision of Adams.
Finally Adam and Patricia arrived, he wore a black suitand she wore a fur cut. Carlos was very nervous but after a few chat he felt less nervous. They drink a cup of wine and started with some incoming in the living room while they talk about the summersCarlos and Adam pass together when he was a children and his father lived.
When they go to the tablet the fish had disappeared, the cat of the sister of ester had eaten the fish. Carlos was verynervous and hurry up to take a taxi and go to a very good restaurant near his house. While that, Ester started to cry and go under, because she strove hard to make the dinner went well. Patricia came...
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