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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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José L6pez'radical scheme is taking shape in

Brazilor nearly a decade, José Ignacio i him credit," manvels a cu execuüve. 'TIe I els. Then, they wilt attaeh the únished
López de Arriortúa d¡eamed of Ihas really pushed the needle on this one." I cab to a chassG moving down the assparQ€ a new indusJrial revolu- I lliWf an! other top vw executives de. Isembly line through the suppliers'
t tion. The contmversial auto execu- | dined to be interviewed for this story. I spaces. In a traditioñalfactory,-suppütive, who onee exhorted co-workers at | [inee the lat€,l$0s, such auto makirs I ei= O"tiue" parts to the iaaciing'do.k'or
t}re assembly line]but-final
Qengra! Motors Corp. to eat a 'l¡¡a¡rior I as Ford Mot¡r Co; and Chrysler Corp. I occasionaly
diet" of frr¡its and nuts, tried in vain to I havegiven suppüers respo-nsibiüty fór I a.ssembly i" dotr" by the ármakey's own
persuade cM to build his supe-reffiqent complete modules of parts, such asworkers. At Resende, irnprovements by
?ctory. Then, in 1993, he defected to I brakes or suspension. But in López' I suppliers in the assemb$pmcess q
German/s Volkswagen to pursue
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