Wwe smackdown vs raw 2010

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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 (Wii)
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1 Cheat Codes
1.1 The Rock
1.2 Dirt Sheet and Vince's Office Backstage Brawl areas
1.3 John Cena's alternate attire
1.4 Randy Orton's alternate attire
1.5 Santino Marella's alternate attire
1.6 Shawn Michaels' alternate attire
1.7 Triple H's alternate attire
2 Unlockables
2.1Bonus characters
2.2 Alternate attire
2.3 Backstage Brawl areas
2.4 Other Road To Wrestlemania bonuses
2.5 Abilities
3 Hints
3.1 Gaining CAW points
3.2 Career mode: Easy Hall Of Fame induction
3.3 6-Man title match
3.4 Specialty matches for women's or Divas title
3.5 Get Hornswoggle from under the ring
3.6 Backstage Brawl
3.7 Created wrestler restrictions
3.8Finisher/signature move corrections
3.9 Movesets
3.10 Entrances
4 Glitches
4.1 Cryme Tyme entrance
5 More...





Cheat Codes

The Rock
Enter The Great One as a case-sensitive code.

Dirt Sheet and Vince's Office Backstage Brawl areas
Enter BonusBrawl as a case-sensitive code.

John Cena's alternate attire
Enter CENATION as a case-sensitive code.

Randy Orton's alternate attire
Enter ViperRKO as a case-sensitive code.Santino Marella's alternate attire
Enter Milan Miracle as a case-sensitive code.

Shawn Michaels' alternate attire
Enter Bow Down as a case-sensitive code.

Triple H's alternate attire
Enter Suck IT! as a case-sensitive code.


Bonus characters
Complete the indicated task in Road To Wrestlemania mode to unlock the corresponding character.
William Kelley
"TheMillion Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase: As Randy Orton, defeat Ted DiBiase Jr. at Wrestlemania and K.O. "The Million Dollar Man" after the match.
Cowboy Bob Orton: As Randy Orton, in Week 9 do not use any strikes in your match.
Dusty Rhodes: As Randy Orton, defeat Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania and K.O. Dusty after the match.
Eve: As Mickie James, in Week 2 pin or submit Maryse.
Ezekiel Jackson: As aCreate-A-Superstar, in Week 3 throw each opponent out of the ring at least once.
Green and Red Dummies: As Randy Orton, in Week 3 refuse Cody's help then reverse three of Batista's attacks.
Jesse: As Edge, in Week 2 hit every opponent with a finisher.
Mr. McMahon: As Edge, in Week 11 put Triple H through an announcer table.
The Rock: As Edge, complete Road To Wrestlemania mode.
TrishStratus: As Mickie James, complete Road To Wrestlemania mode.

Alternate attire
Complete the indicated task in Road To Wrestlemania mode to unlock the corresponding character's alternate attire.
William Kelley and JBone
The Brian Kendrick (street clothes): As Mickie James, in Week 9 choose Natalya over Kendrick. Then at week 12, win the match without using a signature move or finisher.
ChrisJericho: As HBK, in Week 6 make Jericho bleed.
Edge: As Edge, in Week 6 win in under three minutes.
JBL: As HBK, in Week 8 win the match in under four minutes.
Mickie James: As Mickie James, in Week 6 defeat Michelle McCool in under three minutes.
Mr. Kennedy: As Edge, eliminate Mr. Kennedy from the Royal Rumble Match.
Mr. McMahon (chicken head): On Create-A-Superstar's Road ToWrestlemania, win the Wrestlemania match.
Mr. McMahon (suit): On Create-A-Superstar's Road To Wrestlemania, in Week 5 spend at least one minute of the match outside the ring.
Natalya: As Mickie James, in Week 9 choose Kendrick over Natalya. Then at week 10, win the match suffering minimal damage.
Santino Marella (street clothes): As a Create-A Superstar, in Week 12 make a successful diving attack...
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