Xalixco timeline

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618 Foundation of Xalisco by the toltecas.

1112 Rebellion of the tribes dominated by the toltecas and fall of this empire.

1129 the Chichimecas conquered this zone and put under the settlers.1521 Completed the conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, Courteous undertook the exploration of the West of Mexico.

1522 Gonzalo de Sandoval founded the city of Sandoval.

1524 first mayorchose itself of Sights on Courteous Francisco of San Buenaventura, who undertook the fight against the populations of the north of Sights on and arrived until Jalisco.

The 1530 first president of thefirst hearing of the New Spain, Nuño de Guzmán, conquered Jalisco. Later he sent expeditions until Zacatecas and Aguascalientes.

1531 Nuño de Guzmán was named governor of the New Galicia. Thefranciscan friars founded the agreements of Tetlán and Ajijic.

1532 In Nochistlán Guadalajara was elevated. 1541 the majority of the natives of the north of the organization revolted.

1542 governorCristóbal de Oñate named the first regidores of Guadalajara.

The 1543 Spaniards been in Compostela, Guadalajara and purification began to enslave the Indians.

1546 Paulo III granted theerection of the bishopric.

1548 Carlos V decreed the creation of the hearing of the New Galicia.

1561 the hearing from the New Galicia to Guadalajara moved. 1563 Villa de Lagos settled down itself.1570 New indigenous insurrection.

1573 the Augustinian ones in the region settled down.

The 1575 king arranged that the hearing of the New Galicia was independent of the virrey of the NewSpain.

1583 the Jesuits in the region settled down.

1584 one repressed the Indians of Guaynamota who had assassinated friars.

1588 the Dominican ones in the region were settled down.1591 it was put under the Chichimecas.

1593 the Indians of Acaponeta revolted. Juan Ochoa Aramburo founded a colony of Spaniards here.

1561 Before constant despoliation of which they are...