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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2011
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Xantrex Technology/Trace Engineering
1.5 kva - 12VDC Input - DR Series - SineWave Inverter w/ 3-stage charger
[pic]Trace DR-series inverters set a new standard for "entry-level" inverters.By converting 12 or 24-volt power to clean AC, the DR1512/1524, DR2412/2424 and DR3624 can run most common tools and appliances, including microwaves, refrigerators, hand tools, televisions andcomputers.
DR inverters give you an advantage:
▪ Full power range makes it versatile. With 1.5, 2.4 kW and 3.6 kW modified sine wave output.
▪ High efficiency keeps operating costs down. With highsurge capacity and low idle current.
▪ User-friendly controls give you access. Easily accessible controls show battery type and capacity, maximum charge rate, battery equalization, andlow-voltage disconnect.
▪ Smart engineering extends battery life. Built-in, automatic, three-stage battery-charging system (bulk, absorption, and float).
LED status indicators show charge mode,high or low battery voltage, and over temperature or over load.
▪ Ideal for alternative energy applications. Trace DR-series inverters are the choice of alternative-energy applications. They'reversatile and have an extremely low idle power. Even when search mode is deactivated, the idle power for DR-series inverters is less than 8 watts.
▪ Expandability offers more power. Load capacity canbe doubled by "stacking" a second inverter, using a simple stacking cable kit (DRI). Connected in series, a pair of DR inverters produces both 120 and 240 VAC power - enough for tough household loadslike deep well pumps or heavy power tools.
▪ Available from Moscow to Mozambique. DR inverters come in export voltages of 230 VAC 50 Hz, 105 VAC 50 Hz, and 105 VAC 60 Hz. European voltageinverters are presently not stackable, but both export and domestic multiple inverters may be connected to a single battery bank to increase AC power available to separate loads.
▪ Options make the...
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