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One of its main objectives is to review aspects of the event desensibilidad bees in patients with a history of reactions to bee stings.
By no systematic search of medical literature in major databases, were reviewed relevant articles on the diagnosis of allergy to bee stings, the selection of patients candidates for bee venom immunotherapy, immunotherapy schemes moreeffective and time of application and the protection afforded by the ITVA.
From the point of view of bee stings allergic úeden cause a normal local reaction, a large local reaction (late phase of allergic reaction, IgE, with severe and persistent inflammation), a cutaneous systemic reactions (rash, and redness agiodema .)
If we look etymologically Beekeeping note that the word comes from Latin Apis(bee) and culture (culture), ie, the science dedicated to the cultivation of bees or bee breeding because they are animals.
A complete definition would be that which defines it as "applied science that studies the honeybee and technology by economic profit." There are two types of benefits:
• Direct: Following the sale of bee products (honey, pollen and wax).
• Indirect: due to the action itperforms as pollen vector [1] in the cultures.
Beekeeping is born when man tries to understand the world of bees. This took a hollow trunk and tried to keep a colony. It dates back to 2500 BC C. evidence of the use of bees by the Egyptians in their hieroglyphics. In the year 1500 BC C. when writing about bees and this is the first written evidence (Hittite). In Spain the first written evidence ofthe importance of beekeeping dates back to 1100 a. C., in what we call Tarteso Empire, based in Spain. The importance of this bee is such that in the first century AD C. the Cadiz Columella was described as the time beekeeping. Also referred to the management of the hives.
Later this importance is held by the Arabs. Adu Zechariah in Vol 9 of the Treaty of Agriculture makes an importantstatement to the management of the hives. Alfonso X then performs the first ordinances about beekeeping. In the sixteenth century MENDEZ DE TORRES wrote the first textbook on beekeeping in Spain and also set to reproduce the bees.
Until the eighteenth century is a traditional beekeeping. From this century with the advancement of scientific knowledge and especially biological performs a deeperunderstanding of the behavior of individual animals and the swarm. All this knowledge, supported by his invention of the hives for motorists (LANGTROTH -1895 -) makes the transition to a technical beekeeping.
In prehistoric times, beekeeping is limited to hunting bee nests, which has been faithfully reflected in various paintings of Spanish art.
The technique to raise and take advantage of the bees issaid originated in the lower valley of the Guadalquivir, where since the early Bronze Age, there was a population of African origin, the Tartesians, which were large beekeepers. The Phoenicians, with whom he kept trading, came forward to Babylon and other ancient peoples, among them Egypt, beekeeping practices.
In the Middle East is no evidence as to say that the honey and bees, played animportant role in the early days of the civilization of the people who lived in that area.
In Egypt, historical records have been found in greater numbers than elsewhere in the world. Many tombs of the first pharaohs have figures and graphs of bees. Honey was one of the basic ingredients used for the conservation of the mummies of the important characters.
Ebeus Papyrus, which is stored in theuniversity library of Leipzig and is considered the first medical book in the world, contains a series of recipes from various diseases of women, eyes, etc. In the majority of prescription drugs include the honey as a main element.

Quality and innocuousness of the honey
The study of the pollution of the samples of honeys has developed following a series of sequential stages, which purpose...
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