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Beginning and Ending your Speech
The success in getting la listener´s attention is partly due of how well you package you speech ideas with powerful introduction and conclusion. Introductions formfirst impressions that can affect your listener´s perceptions of the reminder of the speech. Conclusions give you one last opportunity to reinforce your main idea and leave a lasting impression.Completing your Introduction
The introduction you will use should have one purpose in mind , and it should be relevant to your speech because the introduction should be an integral part of your speech; itshould be thematically and tonally tied to the body of the speech.
How long should it be?
The average speaker spends about 10% of the total speech on the introduction and 5% on the conclusions.Theintroduction may increase to 13% in speeches designed to stimulate or inspire. This means that you will probably spend 1 minute to introduce speech, and 30 second to concluded.
a)Use number andletters
b) Employ alliteration
c) Use repetition. Reinforce your message by repeating the same phrases.

Ending your speech
An conclusion should be focus the attention of you audience on yourcentral idea. If your speech has one dominant idea , you should restate it in a clear way, if your speech is more complex you may summarize the key point.In addition, your conclusion should leave theaudience in the proper mood in order to transmit it to your audience. Finally, a good ending should convey a sense of completeness and finalty, avoiding false ending

Summarizing the Major Points or IdeasSummarizing the main idea of the speech gives the speaker another opportunity to reinforce the message.

Using a Quotation
You can use others words to capture the spirit of your ideas in theconclusion of you speech if the author is credible , may gather additional support for your central idea.

Using and illustration
Your illustration should be inclusive and conclusive- inclusive of...
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