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AUSPOS Online GPS Processing Report
National Geospatial Reference Systems Geospatial and Earth Monitoring Division, Geoscience Australia August 31, 2009
This document is a report of the GPS data processing undertaken by the AUSPOS Online GPS Processing Service. The AUSPOS Online GPS Processing Service uses International GPS Service (IGS) products (final, rapid, ultra-rapid depending onavailability) including Precise Orbits, Earth Orientation, Coordinate Solutions (IGS-SSC) to compute precise coordinates in ITRF anywhere on Earth. The Service is designed to process only dual frequency GPS phase data. The AUSPOS Online GPS Processing Service is a free service and you are encouraged to use it for your projects. However, you may not charge others for this service. Geoscience Australia doesnot warrant that this service a) is error free; b) meets the customer’s requirements. Geoscience Australia shall not be liable to the customer in respect of any loss, damage or injury (including consequential loss, damage or injury) however caused, which may arise directly or indirectly in respect of this service. An overview of the GPS processing strategy is attached to this report. Please directemail correspondence to National Geospatial Reference Systems Geoscience Australia Cnr Jerrabomberra and Hindmarsh Drive GPO Box 378, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia Freecall (Within Australia): 1800 800 173 Tel: +61 2 6249 9111. Fax: +61 2 6249 9929 Geoscience Australia Home Page: Job number: #341470; User: AUSPOS version 1.02.01


1User and IGS GPS Data

All antenna heights refer to the vertical distance from the Ground Mark to the Antennna Reference Point (ARP).
User File CALV216n.09O Antenna Type TPSHIPER_PLUS Antenna Height (m) 1.6927 Start Time 2009-08-04 13:53:00 End Time 2009-08-04 20:38:00

scub cro1 CALV bogt

Figure 1: Global View – submitted GPS station(s) and nearby IGS GPS stations used in the processing;triangle(s) represent submitted user data; circle(s) represent the nearest available IGS stations.



Processing Summary
Date 2009-08-04 IGS Data cro1 bogt scub User Data CALV Orbit Type IGS Final


Computed Coordinates, ITRF2005

All computed coordinates are based on the IGS realisation of the ITRF2005 reference frame, provided by the IGS cumulative solution. All the givenITRF2005 coordinates refer to a mean epoch of the site observation data. All coordinates refer to the Ground Mark.

bogt cro1 scub CALV

Cartesian, ITRF2005
X(m) 1744398.966 2607771.251 1474538.066 2436902.995 Y(m) -6116037.299 -5488076.658 -5811243.276 -5791379.563 Z(m) 512731.776 1932767.842 2168958.838 1094796.721 ITRF2005 @ 2009/08/04 2009/08/04 2009/08/04 2009/08/04


Geodetic,GRS80 Ellipsoid, ITRF2005

The height above the Geoid is computed using the GPS Ellipsoidal height and subtracting a Geoid-Ellipsoid separation. Geoid-Ellipsoidal separations, in this section, are computed using a spherical harmonic synthesis of the global EGM96 geoid. More information on the EGM96 geoid can be found at Latitude(DMS) 4 38 24.2646 17 4524.8354 20 0 43.4285 9 56 57.7748 Longitude(DMS) -74 -4 -51.3824 -64-35 -3.5496 -75-45 -44.3396 -67-10 -46.4250 Ellipsoidal Height(m) 2576.512 -31.955 20.918 360.525 Above-Geoid Height(m) 2554.695 13.340 46.237 376.548

bogt cro1 scub CALV


Solution Information
i. Antenna Reference Point (ARP) to Ground Mark records; ii. Apriori Coordinate Updates (valid range is 0.000 - 15.000 m); iii.Coordinate Precision (valid range is 0.001 - 0.025 m); iv. Root Mean Square (RMS) (valid range is 0.0005 - 0.0250 m); and v. % Observations Deleted (valid range is 0 - 25) %;

To validate your solution you should check the :-


ARP to Ground Mark, per day

All heights refer to the vertical distance from the Ground Mark to the Antenna Reference Point (ARP). The Antenna Offsets refer to...
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