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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2010
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I’m going to talk about the green roof this is about growing plants in the roof of a house or a building, I’m also going totalk about how is it useful for the planet and for your house and also going to talk about the disadvantages and advantages of this projectand how it can help the ecology and how is it related to it.

This project is very useful I'm saying that it helps the planet because ituse plants to work and the plants help cleaning the air and to reduce the pollution for example if a whole city would have green roof itwill be a lot more better place to live in.

This project have a lot of useful things I'm saying that it have a lot of advantages becausebesides be useful helping the planet it have another advantages for example
that reduce the pollution and the bad air of the cities thathave green roofs.

This project as equal of the advantages is has a lot of disadvantages because it is so good this project but everythinghas a disadvantages for example this project takes a lot of time because you have to take constantly care of the plants because if youdon’t it will day.

In conclusion I think that even if it have a lot of disadvantages it worth the pain because is better to spent your timein taking care of the plants that see the planet dying because of us, so that’s why I think this project is very useful for the planet.
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