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  • Publicado : 3 de febrero de 2011
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that is freedom?

the concept of freedom we can find various opinions on each human being has the kind of freedom, we are not entirely free in spite of the different situations, depending on therules of society. To these are added the contradiction which holds that even with the conduct regulated by rules, there is the dilemma of what the man decides whether or not to do, giving anothermeaning to the word freedom, free will.
freedom is the right to do what the duty would preclude.
is how to express, with a limit of reasoning to,
human rights. is to respect the opinions of others nomatter what their religion, thoughts, politics, etc. .. a lot of things we publish, today we realize the critical times we place on people for their religion, their expressions etc ... then freedom isnot to express it without any kind of RESTRICTIONS; being the case, freedom has a very broad concept and may refer to things in the world of nature or culture.

According to Soler "if there is aconcept whose attributes are infinite, inexhaustible, this concept is that of freedom."
is an ideal concept of every hurmano not only people but also of animals, birds, etc. .. freedom is something thatwill always susistir either major or minimal expresión.Es difficult to accept freedom as we have many great constraints, obstacles and impediments. Moreover, such freedom is not objectified, we cannot demonstrate, in an absolute form and defined by the reason that we think alike, and just as unreasonable as another person, each of us freedom Display a different perspective.

In France, theDeclaration on the Rights of Man and Citizen, freedom is enshrined as a fundamental right in Article 2 and is defined at 4 ° in these terms: "The power to do anything that does not harm others ".
Thatmeans that freedom is in every one of us, but with certain rules. we can express ourselves without harming other people, freedom is synonymous with peace, love, and above all respect for the...
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