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Saw is the story of a man, whom is willing to take the lives of those who don’t appreciate it, because he was diagnosed with cancer. So that, hekidnapped these people and make them pass through some tasks (which are cruel and bloody). If they don’t die trying to succeed in them, they can have their freedom. The movie starts with two guysthat are trapped in a room, inside a bath tub; they are Adam and Dr. Gordon.
They wake up in there, all dizzy and clumsy, and wondering why is that they are there. The situation gets worse when they getto see the body of a dead man in the middle of the room.
They are tied with a string to the wall, so is not much what they can move, but when they finally reach the dead body, they find a gun withjust one bullet and a recorded tape in his pockets. They play the recorded, which says that Dr. Gordon must kill Adam before 6 o´clock otherwise his wife and daughter (whom were kidnapped too) willdie, and they will remind there forever.
So they think about all what is happening, and Dr. Gordon mention that he thinks he knows who kidnapped them, so he tells the story of a killer called“Jigsaw”. Everything began five months ago, when two detectives were investigating several cases, where a few people was trying to escape from some obstacles that were part of a macabre game, to save their livesbut usually they don’t get it.
It results that in each game, the killer put a recorded tape and a scary puppet which says what they have to do to win the game. The only one who survivor this game wasAmanda a drogadict. At the end, Dr Gordon pretends he kill Adam, so they can escape, cuts the leg that was tied with the strings with a saw that was left in the room, and drag himself out of theroom. Surprisingly, the supposedly dead man (who was “Jigsaw” and was watching the entire scene) stands and laughs at Adam, shoots him and says “game over”.
* Dr Gordon: Doctor and...
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