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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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A friend in need is a friend indeed

The people to whom I never lie are the people who are really close to me. I have many friends but few of them are to whom I openmy heart, I am a very good friend and always try to help when they need a friend I'm just not in good times and also in bad times. Sometimes it is not easy to find goodfriends but when that happened the friendship last forever.

I have a great friend whose name is Gustavo I met him in the church one year ago is an incredible personwho has show me that friendship is real. Has very nice feelings and he has been with me in the good fats and bad. He has shown me how great the love of God is, I wouldnever lie to him, he has became to my second brother. The only problem is that he not only sees me as a friend because he has feelings for me but I just see him as afriend and I can’t say to him that I like someone else and is not him. I don’t want that friendship we have built so nice runs.

I have female friends but I think they arenot always with you and I didn’t find a true friend. I believe that the only real friend that I have is my mom because I share everything with her and the only time whenI lied to her was when I got a tattoo, it was very difficult for me to tell a lie because I never had done wrong and I felt sick. Finally I had to tell her that Igotten a tattoo. It was disappointing for her and she didn’t speak with me for a week I realized that lying is not right.

My conclusion is that you can find many friendsbut very few are real and true friends. They are almost always the people closest to you and the only friend who will always be with you through thick and thin is god
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