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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2010
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Abigail Bosque Quiñones September 1, 2010

Engl. 100

Sec. 111

Homework: Write a composition.The year 2010 and me.

The year 2010 brought many changes to my life. The transition from High School to University. I was a danzora; now I am a worship leader. This year also broughtcompromises an responsibilities with God, with my boyfriend, with my family, with my studies and with myself. To see that this year brought many challenges, I had to learn to be a good steward of time.Have a good relationship with all, my family, with God, all the people who make my world without too great burden, definely was a challenge.

The compromise to God was gradually increasing. Every dayHe put in my hand a little responsibility. And all that thought me things they would help me in the leadership. Buy all this brought a problem, being so committed to God led me neglect the familyrelationship. I neglect even my relationship with God. Then I realized that it was God who gave the first place, was to the ministry.

After coming to the Lord I did not share much time with my family,because the places and things that my family liked, for God was not well. I preferred to spend time with my boyfriend and not with my parents, because with him I could do the things that God like. Wepray, read the Bible, and praise together. It’s a spiritual world and they not understand, but always look the way they are happy, because that’s what I want, that they find The Way, and that is Jesus.The degree of responsibility towards my studies will determinate my future. I heard it’s a bad ideas to Have a boyfriend while you’re studying. That is because after they get married or havechildren and all that make people abandon their studies. My boyfriend chooses a career that requires much time. Then proceed to our family. I feel that compromises increasing over the time. I love him so...
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