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Chapter 1: Mansion Chevalier

A cold,soft breeze traveled to my feet making me snap out of sleep,the cold kept tickeling on my skin;I keptmoving them tiredly till I felt the soft coochy comforter.
That's when I broke sleep for completly.I swiftly opened my eyes blinking a couple of times in confusion,meeting up the dark room.I sit upslowly and carefully,my neck felt like it had been torned off more than once;I examined where I was,it defenetly didn't look like a hostage place.

There were expesive and beautiful victorian moderndecorations,a large white wardrope,a long soft looking couch almost very normal item a room has,the room was very sutting and small.I stood up from the bed almost regreting it and pushed a little thecurtains reviewing a large balcony that faced a beautiful large garden with sidewalks and with pale figures walking around.
Where was I?
There were dark green swamp trees around almost blocking thesky in the garden,I got a little jelous of what nature could do.I closed the blinds and discovering two doors;one perhaps lead outside the one next to the white and grey bed.I went there twisting thedoor opened finding the bathroom.It had a large long mirror covering up the creamy fancy counter with a vase full of wine colored flowers and a medium sized deep hot bath tub.
Damn that's fancy
Justthen it hit me.I'm held kapted,kidnapped,maybe this is a hostage luxurios house of sluts;I can be rapped.
Oh God,oh God,oh God,oh God I'm gonna die,
This needs to be a horrible,horrible dream!thiscan't be happening!my friends must be worried sick for me,they probably had called my mom all ready to report me missing.I'm so scared and confused right now!Uhg!
I heard the door creak open when Idarted straight to it,meeting with a pair of dark blood eyes that felt it punched my soul.What I saw,was a person so marvelous that I almost thought as an angel,inapropriate thoughts,he could be a...