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  • Publicado : 3 de junio de 2011
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yo soy un espiritu libre influenciado por fred, quien se ha convertido en una fuente de inspiracion, al igual que jesus y remar lo han hecho.La creatividad brota por mis poros, aunque yo no lo quieraaceptar soy capaz de hacer las cosas mas maravillosas en el mundo, soy capaz de ser el cambio que quiero ver, de traer el color y el brillo perdido, de hacer mendiante la musica y el arte unaDIFERENCIA.
Creativa.Colorida.Musical.Partidaria de que los libros son el mejor entretenimiento que hay.Yo.Tu.Nosotros.Para mi la paz representa libertad, convivencia, amor e igualdad.

"We simply don'tsee what's plainly in front of us. For instance in self reported surveys, people express very high rates of satisfaction for themselves, in situations what are clearly beyond control. In order tochange one must believe that change is not only desirable, but possible. Change requires giving up a former perspective and adopting a new one. That demands energy and Commitment and a willingness toventure into the black hole of an uncertain future.

Change takes time, usually years, not weeks. During that time we need support, friends, mentors, coaches, lovers, and visible means of financialmaintenance. Un-learning is as important as learning, all the things that we know that are not valid hold us back. It doesn't matter how long it takes, what's at stake is your whole life. Only you can giveyour own life meaning, you choose. As Carl Jung said, "When you stop making the effort, your batteries go flat, and life loses it's glory."

Vincent van Gogh understood the importance ofdiscovering "the work" he should be doing. He said, "I'm so lucky to have found my work. It's the only time I'm alive. It takes courage ... I'd rather bear fruit than wither away. This fever to work will see methrough, and if not, I'm no loss to anyone."

Mhatma Gandhi understood the need for sound principles that he could explain to ordinary people. He also had to personally demonstrate those...
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