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Christopher Burgueno

ENG101 MWF 10:00am


Process Essay

How to make and sell a product.

The process of selling a product is essential for everyone, in a day to day basis. Groupsof people called focus groups, work for different companies and help develop products that people will buy. Selling a product is a process in which experts on the field look for what people want,develop the product and finally sell it. A sales program is broken down into three major steps: what are you selling, who are you selling it to, and how are you selling it.
What are you selling, isthe first question that comes to mind. As Tim Berry, journalist on an internet article states, “List and describe the products or services you sell. For each business offering, cover the main points,including what the product or service is, how much it costs, what sorts of customers make purchases, and why”.(qtd. In Berry) Focus groups which are groups that develops the main idea, brainstormtogether to come up and figure out what people want, either by just throwing ideas or by developing programs such as surveys. Once that part of the sales program is completed, you can now start developingthe product and figure out whom you want to sell the product to.
In the sales program, who you sell the product to, is the second step you take in developing the product you want to sell. Again inthis step, focus groups play a major role to select the client or costumer whom the product will be sold to. By doing research or making surveys to different groups of people, focus groups can developa main target to sell the product to. Once the target is set, the company developing the product can start thinking of how to sell this product to that audience.
The last step in the sales programis to see how you will sell that product and make a successful business out of it. Creative brainstorming ideas such as cubing, free writing, listing and bulleting, etc can be one way to figure that...
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