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GET IT RIGHT pg. 64, 65

1. Complete the sentences with the passive form of the bold verbs. Use the tense in brackets.

1 TV (watch) by billions of people around the world. (present simple)

2 Little Britain (vote) the best TV comedy in the UK. (present perfect)

3 Most TV shows (not record) in front of a live audience. (present simple)

4 A new drama seriesfor Channel 4 (film) this month. (present continuous)

5 ‘The TV’s broken!’ ‘Don’t be silly! It (not switch on) yet!’ (present perfect)

2. Choose the correct alternatives to complete the sentences.

1 The World Cup ______ on TV channels around the world.

A were shown B had been shown C was shown

2 When I got home, my favourite programme ________by my mum.

A had already been recorded B had already recorded C was already been recorded

3 When he went into his class, a soap opera story ________.

A was been discussed B was discussing C was being discussed

4 The last series of Big Brother ________ by as many people as the previous one.

A hasn’t been watched B wasn’twatched C wasn’t been watched

3. Choose the correct alternatives to complete the text.

This century, childhood (1) has been altered / has altered considerably by technology. According to a recent report, four year olds (2) are spent / spend nearly four hours a day in front of the TV. So should we be worried? Parents sometimes worry that children (3) will be harmed / will harmby new forms of entertainment. For example, when cinemas (4) were built / built for the first time, parents (5) were protested / protested outside them! However, most people think that children (6) should be encouraged / should encourage to do a variety of activities.

4. Which of these sentences need by+agent?

1 A new drama series has been produced (by Telecinco).

2Thousands of soaps will be watched (by people) this week.

3 Digital TVs are made (by Sony).

4 Soap operas are broadcast (by different companies) on the radio as well as on TV.

5 Yo Soy Bea was written (by Fernando Gaitán).

5. Change these sentences from active to passive. Use by+agent where necessary.

1 Hundreds of people phoned the TV studios after the show.The TV studios…

2 People are writing a drama series for Channel 5. A drama series…

3 They have invented a tiny pocket TV. A tiny pocket TV…

4 channel 5 will launch a new digital TV channel next year. A new digital TV channel…

6. Rewrite sentences without changing the meaning. Use active or passive verb forms.

1 A road accident involving a well-known TVpresenter has been reported by witnesses. Witnesses…

2 A local man took him to hospital. He…

3 They couldn’t find the other driver. The other driver…

4 The area was being searched by police this morning. Police…

POWER pg. 72-73

1. Rewrite the Passive verbs in bold in these sentences with contractions.

1 It is produced in France. __________________2 He was not released from prison for many years. _____________________

3 They have been telephoned. _______________________

4 I have not been invited. ___________________________

5 By the time she had been offered a new job. _____________________

6 They are made in Spain. _________________________

7 You will not be paid any more._________________________

8 We will be met at the airport. _________________________

9 They were not questioned inmediately. _________________________

10 He had not been told in advance. _________________________

2. Mark these sentences with A (active) or P (passive).

1. He’d been sent abroad by that time. ____

2. I was sure that I’d seen her before. ____...
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