Youth violence and the break down fo the family

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  • Publicado : 29 de diciembre de 2010
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I believe there are several contributing factors to youth violence, making it a complicated and unpleasant problem to deal with without finding acommon link behind this phenomenon. Though my own experience. I have conclude that the most fundamental underlying component inciting youth violence is the breakdown of the family I believe otherfactors commonly attributed to youth violence such as poverty drug and alcohol abuse violence in the home and involvement with gangs are also often linked with the breakdown of the family.

In an effortto provide support for my theory, I would like to share my experience growing in a divorce family. Fear and confusion as my parents are feelings and memories from a very young age yet still very vividin my mind. One incident hat occurred when I was six years old stand out in my mind as particularly frightening. Although I don`t recall what instigated the fight, I do recall the immense feeling offear I felt my father struck my mother I cried and begged my parents to stop fighting with no success. The violence culminated with my father threatening my mother with a gun as he left out house. Soonafter my parents separated and divorced.

Although growing up I was happier when May parents were divorced than when they were married, as I reflect back on my years, I can see how the detrimentaleffects of not living in a stable two parent’s family affected me. I believe the lack of a stable protective family was determining factor in my negative violent behaviour as a teen I lacked a goodrole model. Fortunately, I was caught in time.

1. Say whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE according to the text.
a) The writer thanks that the breakdown of the family is the only causeof t youth violence.
b) Fortunately, now she hardly remembers any thing from her early years at home.

2. Based on the ideas of the text answer the following question using your own words.
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