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YouTube Marketing



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YouTube Marketing


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What Is YouTube?Chapter 2; Researching YouTube

Chapter 3: What Type Of Videos Work Chapter 4: Case Studies
Chapter 5: Equipment Chapter 6; Video Editing Software Chapter 7; Uploading Videos

Chapter 8: Planning A Video Chapter 9: Specific Tactics For Marketing Chapter 10: Conclusion
Other Video Sites *Resources List

* Throughout this guide there will be links to various videos and websites for you to seeexamples...If any of the links are not working (due to the fact that sometimes videos are removed, or websites go offline), please check the 'resources list' which will have other ways to find the samples. You can share this Ebook with your friends if you wish. You can distribute this Ebook over the next as a gift or bonus to supplement your own product.

YouTube Marketing

3 Welcome
Welcome to TubeTraffic, the eBook that teaches you the little known secrets of getting free website traffic from YouTube! This eBook will help you take advantage of the wonderful marketing opportunities offered by YouTube and with a little bit of extra effort, your video creation efforts can easily be multiplied by adding your videos to other online video sites. (Which we will briefly cover...
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