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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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In my opinion this film shows us the greatness and mercy of God to men.
I consider the main theme of the film, NEVER LEAVE YOUR PARTNER marks the history of thecharacters and lead us in the course of the film to experience the drama of everyday reality today in marriages, a reflection of indifference, intolerance, the lack ofdialogue, lack of respect for others, individuality and the lack of God as most important to our lives.
This whole package and social problems of the family leads to ouractions towards others are negative, because if we live in broken homes and lack of love, probably will not have anything in our heart to offer and then depart on resentment, resentment, envy, lack of companionship, feelings that keep us from others.
In my personal life I think many of the things that happened in this story also happenedin my life, some because I did not know the truth of Jesus Christ, or what the value of the cross for my life, it motivates me have a true reflection on what I think andas he did because sometimes I think I have God in my heart but the truth is that I am far from it.
It is necessary to become conscious of, what we are really willing togive the other person, in this case we speak of marriage, but many are willing to take for a friend, a companion to that we see or rather to a relative, a brother orour parents, and if a job is how much we are willing to give, if we know that this would represent an economic future, nothing in life is free and God allows things havebeen so, not because they do not love us but because He wants to costing us, so this way we value what we have been given, is the only way it makes sense to sacrifice.
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