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This file describes the Akamai NetSession Interface.

The Akamai NetSession Interface runs as a service to manage downloads and to
let you manage the download process. Itwas installed on your computer when you
downloaded content that uses the service to provide secure, high integrity
downloads of large files.

The NetSession Interface supports downloading from acentral source and between
peers. When peer-downloading is enabled, your computer can serve as an upload
source for other computers -- without adverse impacts to your computing.
Peer-to-peerdownloading can provide faster, more effective downloads.

The NetSession Interface contains no adware or spyware, is safe and secure,
uses minimal resources, and provides you the ability to manage andcontrol its
actions, including the ability to uninstall it if you do not want it on your

How It Works

The NetSession Interface does not have anoticeable desktop presence during
downloads, since its work is integrated into the sites or applications that use
the service.

However, there are two interfaces you can use to manage downloadsand the
interface itself: AdminTool and a Control Panel extension.

AdminTool and the NetSession Installation Folder-------------------------------------------------------------------

AdminTool is a command-line utility used to get information about the current
NetSession download activities, to stop or start downloadsessions, clear the
download cache of all downloads, and uninstall the NetSession Interface.

To see all the commands available to you with AdminTool:

1) Go to the command line of your computer. Youcan do this as follows:

On Windows, select Command Prompt from the Start menu, OR...
Run on the Start menu, type "cmd" into the Open text box, then click OK.

On Macintosh, in the...
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