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Online Learning Center

User Guide


September 2012

Table of Contents

|Log In and Log Out |Page 3 |
|Reset Your Password |Page 3|
|Use SEARCH&LEARN |Page 4 |
|Browse the Catalog |Page 6 |
|Add a Learning Asset to My Plan |Page 7|
|Print a Certification of Completion |Page 8 |
|Contact Customer Support |Page 8 |

Log In and Log Out

To log in to the Online LearningCenter
1. Using Internet Explorer, navigate to the login page: http://imshealth.skillport.com

2. In the User ID box, enter your user ID, which is the same as your Windows network user ID.

3. In the Password box, enter the word password (this is case-sensitive) at your initial log on.

Please note that you will use your Windows network ID (the same one you use when signing onto the IMSLAN) to access the Learning Center; however, this password will remain separate from the one you use when signing onto the IMS LAN.

4. Click Log In.

To log out of the Online Learning Center
▪ Click Log Out in the upper-right corner of the SkillPort page.

Reset Your Password

To reset your password from the Log In page
1. On the login page, click Forgot your password?

5. UnderReset Password, enter the answer to your security question.

6. Click Reset my password.

7. Enter the new password, and then reenter it to confirm it.

Note: The new password cannot be the same as one of your last five passwords.
8. (Optional) Select a different security question, and enter a corresponding answer.

9. Click Submit.

You can now log in using your newpassword.

To reset your password once you are logged on
1. From the home page, click My Profile in the upper right corner.
2. Click on the Update Your User Profile link.
3. Scroll halfway down the page, enter your old and new password information, and update your security question.
4. Click Update Profile. Use your new password the next time you log in to the Learning Center.Use SEARCH&LEARN

To use SEARCH&LEARN to search for content
1. In the SEARCH&LEARN panel at the top of the page, enter a keyword or phrase in the Search box as shown.


Note: A search expression can be a single word, a single phrase, or groups of words or phrases connected by "and", "or", or "not" (Boolean operators). Phrases are groups of words enclosed in quotationmarks.
2. In the Category list, select a learning asset category, or select All to search all content categories.

3. If content in more than one language is available to you, in the Language list, select the language for which available content should be retrieved.

4. Click Search.

The search results appear below the SEARCH&LEARN panel. If you searched all categories for content,the results are grouped by category. The results are ordered according to relevance, as indicated by a thermometer icon ( [pic] ).

To view more information about an asset, move your mouse over the title, and click the Show Details link that appears. From this point, you can click [pic] to begin reviewing the content, or you can click [pic] to add the asset to My Plan. You can also Share...
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