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1. Who are Flavius and Marullus, and why do they want to break up the parade?
2. What arguments does Cassius use to persuade Brutus to turn against Caesar? How does Brutus respond?
3. What isCaesar's attitude toward Cassius?
4. Do you think Caesar would like to be king? Give evidence for your answe
1. Why does Casca enter with his sword drawn?
2. What are the unnatural signs, and how doCasca and Cassius interpret them?
3. How does Cassius convince Casca to join the plot?
4. Why is it important for Cassius and Casca to include Brutus in the plot?
1. Why does Brutus think Caesarshould be killed?
2. According to Brutus, what is the meaning of "trust"?
3. How does the group decide not to kill Antony?
4. What do you think Portia's conversation with Brutus says about her and herrelationship with Brutus?
1. What is Calpurnia's dream, and how does she convince Caesar to listen to her?
2. Contrast Calpurnia's and Decius's interpretation of the dream.
3. How does Deciusmanipulate Caesar into going to the Senate? Why does Caesar respond?
4. How do you think Shakespeare creates tension in this selection?
1. Why doesn't Caesar read Artemidorus's note?
2. Why won't Caesarreverse Publius's banishment?
3. What do you think Caesar's last words say about his feelings? How do Brutus and Cassius react to the murder?
4. How does Antony present himself to the murderers?What are his real feelings?
1. According to Brutus, why was Caesar's assassination necessary?
2. How does Antony portray Caesar and his assassins?
3. How does Antony want the people to view him?
4.Why do the Plebeians change from supporters of Brutus and the conspirators to an irate mob?
1. What is Antony's view of Lepidus? What does Antony want to do with him?
2. How do Antony and Octaviushope to defeat Brutus and Cassius?
3. In Brutus's view, what are the signs that his friendship with Cassius has changed?
4. How does Cassius seem to feel about Brutus in this selection?
1. Brutus...
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