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This first chapter of the book exposes some fundamental concepts referred to thefoundations and it grants a definition of the term "foundations" which you can summarize as a group of structural elements in charge of transmit the loads of building to the stratum strong of soil. Alsopresented that a person has received professional preparation in pure and applied sciences and it also possesses an experience is called foundation engineer. Supplementing the above-mentioned the textexplained which the minimum requirements for design a foundation are: Locate the site and the position of load, inspect the land and to look for possible problems of the soil, establish the fieldexploration program, determine the necessary soil design parameters based on integration of test data, scientific principles, and engineering judgment and something like that.

Foundations:classifications and select definitions; foundations may be classified based on where the load is carried by the ground, producing: Shallow foundations, deep foundations, the first (shallow foundations) are usedwhen the competent stratum is located to little depth; the second are used when the competent stratum is located to lot of depth.

Summarizing, the foundations that providesupport and stability to the buildings, are the first structural components installed in almost all the works. Picture (A) is a shallow foundation type and they is a system economic employee in worksbuilt in stable land; on the contrary, the picture (B) is a deep foundation type where the weight is distributed along its longitude.

As result of the uncertainties in the loads, the properties...
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