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4M. A Bad Smell (Snowpeak) =

Warp to Castle Town from here.


Castle Town

Head to Telma's Bar and you'll learn Ashei has gone north to Snowpeak. Warp
to Zora's Domain.


Zora's Domain

Head outside and dive off the waterfall. Head east to dry land and you'll
find that the road to Snowpeak is open (it's actually been open for sometime).



Ashei's right there in front of you. Speak to her and she'll hand you a
sketch of the beast she saw. Go back to Zora's Domain and show it to the
Zoras. Most will mention that they've seen Ralis catching those kind of
fish the creature is holding. Warp to Kakariko.


Kakariko Village

Head to the Zora grave where Ralis has been hanging out these pastfew...
let's say... weeks and show him the sketch. He'll give you the CORAL
EARRING, which will be attached to your Fishing Rod. Now, you can catch
Reekfish. Go back to Zora's Domain.


Zora's Domain

Dive down to the basin of the waterfall. Head for dry land to the west.
You more than likely can see the fish here, already. Cast your rod into
the water and pull up a Reekfish.Peeeyeew! Turn into a wolf and remember
that smell. You'll now have a trail of fish stench, whereby you can track
the beast who's been down here. Head up to Snowpeak now.



Turn on your senses and start chasing the scent. First, cross the ice floes
in the frozen lake, being careful not to touch the icy water. Once you're
across, you need to begin your climb. Besure to follow the scent pretty
closesly, because if you stray to far, you'll be "lost" in the blizzard.
Go up the path. There are points where the scent goes straight up a wall.
Look for a path leading up or some ledges you can climb. Near the top,
you'll find a spot where it just goes up a short ways, but there are no
nearby ledges. Smack into the wall, there, to lower a snowdrift, allowing
you to climb up. Continue to follow the trail, past a Howling Stone. Use
it to make another Golden Wolf appear, but don't go yet. You don't want to
ruin a good run, do you? Follow the scent and it will disappear into a
wall. Dig there.

In this cave, watch out for Ice Keeses. Climb the ladder, then the vines
later to the top, then open the door at the end. At thetop, you'll find
three Shadow Assassins. Take them out to make a portal, and the blizzard
will clear. Actually, now would be a good time to go to Kakariko Village and
find the Golden Wolf and the SIXTH HIDDEN SKILL, the Jump Strike.

Speak to Yeto, by the tree. He may look imposing, but he's a nice
fella. He'll invite you to ice sled with him. Roll into the tree to drop
a sled, thenpress A to hop on. All you need to do is slide down the path.
Hold A to crouch, then release to jump. Don't do too much foolish stuff
(unless you REALLY want to). Just keep to the path, and make jumps where
you need to. At the end, you'll find a large mansion-like area. This is
your dungeon. Yes, already.

Heart Count: 13
Poe Count: 45

=========================================4N. Of Yetis and Soup (Level 5 Dungeon) =

Snowpeak Ruins

Your typical "ice dungeon". Slippery floors, icy foes, and two peaceful
yetis. Don't be afraid to try the soup.

Main Foyer - Right in front of you is a Poe. The only place you can really
go here, is straight ahead.

Living Room - Speak to Yeta, Yeto's wife and she'll mention themirror and
give you the DUNGEON MAP. Right off the bat. Head to the west.

Kitchen - Talk to Yeto and he'll offer you soup. It only restores two
hearts, but you can use this as a place to quickly heal up if you need to.
Also, head south around the shelves and you'll find OOCCOO in a pot. Head

Western Store Room - Yay, block-pushing puzzles! You can't touch the...
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