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Chapter #1 - Red and Blue
Plot Summary: Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam study in the same high school. Zayn and Niall are two different people, they are like red and blue. They don’t even know each other, but by hazard they are put together for a semester final project. As time passes by, they begin to know each other, as well as grow deep, intense feelings too.________________________________________________________________________
Zayn is the “live fast, die young” type of bad boy. He smokes, he’s popular and he’s sexy and mysterious. Girls are behind him because of that status, and boys try as possible to be like him. Niall is the fun, mellow and cute boy. He’s applied, he’s cool, everyone likes him for his personality. He’s not a womanizer, but girls try as possible to be withhim for that reason, and dudes like to hang out with him because he’s chill.
And they didn’t have the slightest clue about this, but they were going to.
Niall arrived school with Harry and Liam, his best friends. They knew each other since kindergarten actually, and since then they were inseparable.
Are y’all ready for our last year? -Liam asked controlling his true feelings. He was the mostmature of the three, and he felt very nostalgic about the fact that maybe they weren’t as inseparable as he thought.
OF COURSE! AREN’T YOU GUYS EXCITED FOR THE PARTIES? I WANT TO THROW A PARTY BY MYSELF TOO, AND YOU WILL HELP ME! -Said Harry. It’s not hard to guess that he’s the most extroverted and playful of the three. Harry, however, is mostly excited for something else: he’s been flirting withLouis since vacations, but he’s waiting for Louis to give the first step. He knows he will, after all.
“Shut up Harry, we all know why you are really excited about!” said Liam while the three boys started laughing, and Harry turned red.
Niall looked at both of his friends with a tiny smile. “Yeah, I think so too” he said as he briefly looked the entrance of the school. Vast, too many people.Niall was overcoming a little bit his shyness, and his beauty was flourishing. He thought that the fact that he was at the last year could help him to be more open, even if he hadn’t trouble making friends.
“Hey, Zayn, when are you waking up? Damn, were you at a party yesterday? You better say not because I’ll kill you if I wasn’t there!” Louis texted Zayn.Zayn wasn’t at a party though, he just fell asleep very late. He liked to listen to music so he could sleep but this time something very deep in his subconscious was bothering him. “I’ll be at your place in 20” Zayn texted back. Louis and Zayn had been best friends since they had memory. While both were bad boys, Louis was more on your face than Zayn. Louis was a joker and he liked spending a goodtime, just like when he was with Harry. Zayn, on the other hand, just liked to play a bit but keeping it superficial. He was very troubled, he couldn’t trust just like that.
He was only his boxers, so he took a quick bath, took an apple and went to Louis home.
“Hey Louis! Last night was awesome, you just missed it!” said Zayn, trolling with Louis mind. “Sorry I didn’t told you mate!” he saidwhile laughing and receiving a hug by Louis.
“Are you ready for our last year?” said Louis while grinning. Maybe he was thinking of Harry. Maybe it was just that senior feeling. “I have a feeling it’s gonna be alright” he said while looking at the floor.
“I hope so” said Zayn. He had something going on.
Finally all the lads except Zayn were in theclassroom. Niall was in a corner, behind Harry and next to Liam. Suddenly Zayn came to the classroom; he was late but he didn’t rush, he was a bad boy after all. He sat behind Louis, in the corner next to Niall. At the time, there wasn’t going anything between him and Niall. But in that moment, they both stared at each other, very quickly, and both felt a little spark growing.
“So, welcome back to...
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