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In Russia, Christmas is celebrated on the night of 6 and 7 January, this is because the predominant religion in this country is Orthodox, which has not yet adjusted its schedule the rest of theworld. During Christmas in Russia usually eat bread, honey, cheese, dessert, cake and drink the world famous vodka

On December 31 each family prepares a lot of delicious food at this event with theentire width of the Russian soul: the tables are loaded with tons of salads, meats, caviar, rivers of vodka, champagne, lots of fruits, sweets. (The family is eating the two weeks he has prepared fordinner).

In France, Christmas celebrations begin with the development of the birth the first week of December, after friends and relatives gather around it to pray and sing. By 24 December, the familydo represent the birth of Christ and then dinner, then at 12 in the evening attend Midnight Mass and then the giving of gifts. The French do Christmas dinner call Revillon, accompanying with mouthfulsof Noel which is a typical dessert.
In France the night of 31 December called Reveillon, although in some regions also known as the night of Saint-Sylvestre.
Music, dance and the best champagne inthe world are the ingredients must. Could not be missing the table well stocked with the most typical local delicacies. Sweet and savory dishes expedite the wait.

The customs in the Netherlandsshow that the days of celebration are 25 to 26, contrary to what happens in some places, which is celebrated from 24 until 25 December. At home and family, tradition indicates that 25, breakfast isserved at a table adorned with candles. Bread with raisins and almond paste are the ingredients must. At night, the main dish par excellence is the rabbit with cabbage.

On the last night of the year,the shows are multiplying in theaters and cinemas, as well as numerous restaurants offering dinner show featuring traditional cuisine.

In Germany, Christmas is celebrated on 24, 25 and 26 December....
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