Zombie fest

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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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Author: Manolo Demerutis Beltrán

This is the history about one guy, the name of that guy is Matias.

This history is remonted in the year 2012, when the zombie apocalipsis was started

Matias, was a guy of 16 years old, his family is rich and he have a brother named Andrew of 15 years old

One day, exactly the day 21 of december of 2012, Matias family was eating thebreakfast when they saw a notice in the news paper who said: “A lot of dead persons is going out of her tumbs”, “The zombie apocalipsis is starting”, and thing like that, the internet and the television was repleted for that information, the Father and the mother of matias recived a phone of the president who said that he search for him to neutralize the zombies and the parents of Matias accepted.After 1 week, the parents of Matias wasn't return to the house, and Matias and his brother andrew go aout of the house to search his parents, but when they walked out the house, they saw a car with a Shotgun and a AK-47, Matias took the Shotgun and Andrew the AK-47
,when they turn around, they saw a zombie that want to kill Andrew, Andrew start to run, Matias follow Andrew and the zombie and when hereload the weapon, Matias shot, and kill the zombie, the guys waere taking an air when, he saw an avenue full of zombies, Andrew want to scream but Matias shout he and say -we have to be in silence-. And that is the start of the adventure of our heroes.

Our Heroes after that terrorific escene run and start searching for survivors, in the way he kill a lot of zombies.

The run from herhometown to the nearest city and he got traped by zombies when...a group of survivors came for recue the guys, her lider was the sargent Israel, and the other survivors was: the liutenant Richi, the alpinist Cata, the psicopat Nyu, and the Gay Policeman Karlos, Israel named his team the “Trollvivors”
The trollvivors started to kill the zombies, and Matias & Andrew helped they.

After thatslaughter, the Sargent Israel said to the guys what is happening in the world, he said -This is an apocalipsis zombie- , Matias & Andrew reply – DON'T YOU SAY-, Israel again said- This is an apocalipsis zombie, but this thing dont' started like the programs and the news said, the apocalipsis started when a group of cientis do a experiment to find the form to health the AIDS and something gone bad andthe person for the experiment turn into a zombie and kill all the cientist transforming it in zombies-.

The Sargent Israel was telling to the guys the history of the start of the apocalipsis when a lot of zombies enter no the place where the “Trollvivors” were hidden.The trollvivors and our heroes took her weapons and start killing the zombies in a bloody escene, but the zombies were too muchand they rang out of ammo and he start running for hel lifes, when a misterious guy started to throw frag grenades and semtex to the zombies and kill all of the zombies, when the guys try to thanks to the guy...te guy throw a Smoke grenade and desapear leaving the uknown of their identity.

The Mayor Israel said to Matias and Andrew – Hey guys! Do you want to be part of us, the “trollvivors” andhelp us to try to save the world of the zombie apocalipsis?- Matias reply- Yes we want but...we are searching our fathers that go out 1 week ago to meet te president but they wont return to the house-. The Mayor Israel said to the guys that the trollvivors will search the parents of Matias & Andrew and search for survivors to save his life.

The next Day the trollvivors woke up and hear thesound of bullets and zombies, they go out and see the mstery guy that save the life of the guys before, the guy after see te trollvivors desapear and the trollvivors start killing the zombies.
Matias and Andrew had a fight for try to decide who was the best zombie killer and he separated when te Mayor Israel came and say – Trollvivors! We have to separate to do misions, Matias...
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