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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2011
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It’s a movie about a deathly virus that strikes in 2010 USA, it turns people into human flesh eating cannibals and it came from mad cow disease some man ate infected meat and well turnedinto some kind of zombie. It follows a guy who plans to get to Columbus Ohio expecting to find his family still alive, he walks alone and has a list of things he must do in order to survive: cardio,beware of bathrooms, limber up, always wear a seat belt, don’t be a hero, when in doubt always know your way out, enjoy the little things, double tap and more. He walks into a man with a car; he’sgoing to Tallahassee and agrees to give him a ride, this man has an obsession with finding a twinkie, he will risk their lives in order to taste that delicious piece of bread with cream inside it, theyfind a supermarket and he knows that somewhere in there he will find a box of those delightful treats so they decide to go inside, after mutilating a few zombies a girl comes out from the back of thesupermarket and tells them that her little sister had been bitten and will turn into a zombie quickly so she asks them to borrow their gun to shoot her so she won’t turn into a zombie, at firstColumbus tries to shoot her but he can’t so he hands the gun to Tallahassee and the older sister says she’d rather do it and once she’s got the gun she points it to the guys and explains how it was all atrap and she would like her ammunition car keys and all the supplies they have, they take their car and everything so both the guys are left having to walk into the nearest town to try and find a newtype of transportation, they find a yellow Hummer with a back pack in the back filled with deathly guns and tons of ammunition, so they take off back to where they where headed. Once in the road theysee their old car parked with a “HELP” car, assuming the girls actually need help but also taking care of another possible trap they go and check and as expected it’s another trap, but this time they...