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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2012
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The geographic North Pole is an area that is confined between latitudes 66 º and 90 º north latitude. Astronomically, it is the point on the surface of the Earth showing the film's star.It is characterized by a climate dominated by low temperatures, snow eternal well as atmospheric phenomena and magnetic impressive as are the northern lights, not forgetting, which has a veryparticular fauna and flora.
The North Pole is also called Arctic root word from Greek or Latin root artus ursus, meaning bear, so that means "land of bears". As anecdotal comment, the Antarctic continentderives from words meaning without an, and that means artic bear, that is, given this name because there are no bears in this area
The animals of the polar region are endemic, ie, typical of the region,characterized most mammals by the white coat, since they use camouflage to protect themselves or attack their prey.
At present, the polar species are potentially threatened as arctic areas existwith excessive levels of contaminants and also affected by the decrease of the ozone layer.
In different parts of the Arctic, there are agreements to conserve polar fauna, which are often passed tobring men to lack of awareness in the protection of Arctic flora and fauna.

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AREAS tundra
Typical animals of the tundra:
Common name for various birds cuadriformes escolopácidos family of géneroTringa, from 23 to 38 cm long, slender trunk and long, thin neck, beak hard and straight, longer than the head,and abundant plumage and relatively constant in different times of the year.
They feed on crustaceans, mollusks, worms, etc...
• Ermine:
Carnivore is about 30 centimeters from snout to tail. Thehair, delicate and extremely soft, offers different shades of the seasons: in winter is completely white (except the end of the tail, which is black) and in summer it is brown above, yellowish...