A citizen's europe

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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2011
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A Citizen’s Europe

To built the United Europe as effectively and solidly as possible, they adopte a pragmatic approach, creating European solidarity in very practical areas : coal and steel,single market, agricultural policies, competition….
Europe in daily life
The single market permits a free-movement of goods, capital and services what gives acces to a wide range of consumer goods andproducts; prices kept down by competition, policies that protect consumers and the environment; technical standards that tend to be harmonized upwards.
All that Europe begins has an impact on thedaily life of European citizens. For example, in 1962 is created the PAC which is a help for the European farmers. Every EU citizens regardless of nationality, is thus free to look for work anywhere inthe Union. Discrimination on the grounds of nationality is banned. EU directives have harmonished the rules allowing people to practice their professions in the union.
The treaty of Maastrichtenshrined this right in its chapter on citizenship. Apart from activities covered by the prerogative of public authorities, any person who is a national of an EU country can involved in providing health,education and other public services anywhere in the union. But the European citizen is not just a consumer or someone with an economic or social role to play. They have specific political right.Fundamental rights
The treaty of Amsterdam goes further in underpinning fundamental rights. It extends the principle of non discrimination so that it covers not only nationality but also gender, race,religion, age and sexual orientation. The treaty further strengthens the principle of equality between men and women. The Amsterdam treaty improves the EU policy of transparency. The European unions’commitment to citizen’s right was confirmed in Nice (2000) when the charter of fundamental right was signed and protect the right to strike, the right of workers to be informed and consulted, the right...
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