A compromise that offers good future

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A compromise that offers good future
With all emphasis on the importance of using condoms and birth control to ensure safer sex, nowadays an intelligent choice is being overlooked. What is thischoice? Well, it is sometimes looked at as an old fashion or not as plausible decision. The reason are: there is no educational or religious topic, is a uncommon belief even there is a living proof and itis a hard choice, this decision that people did not make is pre-marital sexual abstinence.
First of all, people should be educated about condoms and others ways of birth control. Being responsibleenough to take those measures when dealing with sex is important in and outside marriage. Evangelic would like to say that they are not looking down on anyone who chooses to engage in pre-marital sex.Many young people have chosen to have sex, and no matter what decisions they make, Christians always help, talk and give advices to them about sex. So why have Christians made this decision? Well, theroot of theirs decision is from a religion.
Second, according to Marcos Otero, he is a born-again Christian; God tells in the bible “that it is wrong to have sex outside of marriage”. When Marcoswas in junior high, he made a lot of promises that swore he would not break. They included such things as not drinking and not having sex until he will get marriage. Well, Marcos managed to break mostof those promises in high school, but always has kept his promise of abstinence, it was a decision that he made to be a good man, it a good way of life. Every issue he saw that dealt with sex in highschool made his decision even stronger.
Marcos was afraid that he would never has a girlfriend who would accept him for his beliefs, but men like Marcos have had serious relationships for yearswithout having sex. On the contrary some young people have also made the same decision, but they cannot resist the temptation.
In addition, being a Christian makes feel, that there are many good...
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