A cristmas carol

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A Christmas Carol

Scrooge is (and) an old man who has (got) a counting house. He is unfriendly, solitary, cold, sad(,) and he hates (the) Christmas. He had a business (parner) partner, JacobMarley but he had (dead) died a few years (ago) before. Scrooge has a clerk, Bob.
(In) On (Cristmas eve) Christmas Eve (mr) Mr. Scrooge received (the) a visit (of) from two people who asked him to givemoney for the poor, but Scrooge (did´nt) didn’t want to give any (money to the poor people).
Also on this day he (recieved too) received (the) a visit (of) from his (Nephew) nephew (,) Fred, (he) whowanted to invite him(,) to (pass) spend (the) (Chrismast wiht) Christmas with him and his family, but (he) Scrooge refused (it).
Scrooge went to his house. It was dark, (unconfortable,)uncomfortable and cold. He was (dinner a) dining on cold soup when he saw the ghost of his ex-partner Marley. (I) He was tied with chains and padlocks. He wanted to help Scrooge(, he giave) and give him adviceabout life. Scrooge was told that he (shoul) should be a good man and that he was going to receive the visit of three spirits and that they would (talk) tell him what he had to (to) do. (He) Marley’sghost then faded away.
Later, Scrooge was (sliping) sleeping. Something woke him, and when he woke up, (and) he (sow) saw a ghost. The (gost) ghost (remembered) reminded him of some scenes (aboutothers) from past Christmasses(;): when he was child he was (alays) always alone(,); he had a (grildfriend) girlfriend but he was always thinking of money(, intead) instead of her. They were all (unhuppy)unhappy scenes. This was the Ghost of Christmas Past.
After that he was visited by another ghost, the Ghost of Christmas Present. It had a garland (oh) of holly (in) on its head. He showed him theCratchit family (Cratchists). This (is) was (the bob´s) Bob’s family(,). They were poor, (htheir) their clothes were (ald) old, worn and patched, but they were very happy. Bob wanted to drink a toast...
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