A different educational system

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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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“A different educational system”

Get a good education is really important to achieve a better quality of life. Each country has their own educational system, designed according with theirculture, values, economic and social issues. Even when most of the educational systems are different, they have one same goal, and it is: Encourage humans to succeed, give to them skills to get a goodquality of life, and develop humans who can provide useful things to them country,then to the humanity. Even when Mexico and the United States are geographically neighbors they have a different educationalsystems.

One difference between both educational system is the free services that the students can have. In the United States the public schools offer to some students a serie of free services.Some examples are: Meals, transportation and daycare. An student, who attend a public school and qualify as low income people can have a free meal at the school's dinning room. Also, can have access toa free transportation from home to school round trip, and a daycare after classes as well. A student who goes to a public school in Mexico does not have any of these services. There is not Dinningroom in a public school in Mexico, so Every student should take a meal at home before to attend school. There is not school bus to go to school and come back home, then students have to walk, take apublic transportation or be driven to school, and there is no place to stay at school after class, so students have to leave when the classes are done.

Another difference between Mexico and The UnitedStates educational systems, is the huge difference in price of the professional education. The Mexican people who belongs to the medium lower economic class can go to the University and get a careeras an Engineer, Architect or Dentist. Making a lows payments each semester without need of any financial aid. In United States the payments for a professional education are notoriously higher than...
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