A dolls house

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ACT 1: “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen

1.What does the opening stage direction reveal about the Helmer family? About the time of year?

The transaction between Nora and the porter that opens A Doll’s House immediately puts the spotlight on money, which emerges as one of the forces driving the play’s conflicts as it draws lines between genders, classes, and moral standards. The opening stagedirection also reveals a setup where we see a joyful mother and a hard working father. These two aspects lead the reader to think that the Helmer family is an ideal and functional one. Torvald and Nora’s mutual tenderness to one another gives the reader another peek into the kind of family they raise.

2. Examine the opening dialogue between Helmer and Nora. Describe the ways Nora andTorvald behave toward each other. What kind of relationship does Ibsen set up between them? What issues are set up? How does Ibsen set the scene for the rest of the play?

The opening dialogue between Helmer and Nora takes place alter Torvald Helmer comes out of his study and adresses Nora (his wife) with tenderness and authority. Torvald calls Nora his “skylark” and his “squirrel”. Thisdialogue shows the deep affection felt between the couple. They treat each other with alot of tenderness and understanding. Also, we see how Torvald tells his wife to take it easy on the spending because he can afford to let her be a spendthrift. Nora, on the other hand, replies to him in a sweet way by teling him that they do not need to worry because he will soon take the position of director atthe bank. The kind of relationship Ibsen sets up is romantic, companionate and consummate. He represents the ideal relationship between a man and a woman. This kind of relationship involves intimacy, passion and commitment.

3. What does Torvald's refusal to consider borrowing and debt tell you about him? Where else in the play are these characteristics important?

Torvald’s refusalof borrowing and debt tells that he is an honest and morally straight person. He does not rely in owning anybody money because this act avoids a household from being free. These characteristics are important for many scenes in the play, specially when Torvald refuses to let Krogstad a acquire a higher rank in the bank. Torvald stays firm on his ideas of values and morals because for him it isthe right philosophy.

4.  What have the Helmer finances been like in the past? How is their situation about to change?

The Helmers finances in the past where good but they had to borrow money. The Helmer family had to live careful of what they spent and how they spent their money. Their situation is about to change because Torvald has been promoted in the bank, now he will be in chargeof directing the bank. Helmer is the new bank director. Because of this, the Helmer’s expect their income to be higher and therefore their finances should improve.

5. How are Mrs. Linde and Nora alike? Different? Why is it ironic that Nora helps Christine get a job at the bank? How will this affect Krogstad? Nora?

Mrs. Linde and Nora are very similar because they both where veryprone to live for money. Mrs. Linde had already learned her lesson but Nora was still blindfolded by money. They are different in the sense that Mrs. Linde was living the life of the poor and the unemployed, while Nora was talking hesantly about her wonderful and perfect life. After Nora reveals her secret (her business with Krogstad) to Mrs. Linde, Nora’s and Mrs. Linde’s versions of femininityslowly begin to converge. With knowledge of her noble act, we see Nora’s character deepen, and we see that she possesses more maturity and determination than we previously thought.
Nora helps Cristine get a job because she wants to be a good friend, and since Torvald is going to be director he can offer Jobs. Nora’s decision is ironic because it backstabed her. Giving Cristine a job displaced...
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