A funny conversation

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Sofia: Hi, Cristal is Sofia from high school…!!!
Cristal: oh, hi how are you?
Sofia: Oh, Oh, fine, well, bad, well is ok and you?
Cristal: really fine…. But please don`t talk about my life…Why didyou call me?
Sofia: well I call you because I want to make a party in my house is for the 89 graduates, it`s tonight at 7:00, I already call some other people….
Cristal: Well I really want to seeyou, I`ll come…
Sofia: And Are you happy with your life?
Cristal: Yeah… I`m very happy with my life, and I have a very big house…
Sofia: ohhhhh….. I wish I had a big house
Cristal: and why not dothe party here???
Sofia: Oh, yes,yes,yes…That`s a good idea…. I`ll call back the other people…
Cristal: Ok, see you later, bye…
Sofia: Bye…
Sofia: Hi, Estefany is Sofia ….
Estefany: oh, hi howare you?
Sofia: Oh, fine, Well I call you back because I`m going to make the party in Cristal`s house, because is more big….
Estefany: Oh, really …. That`s a good idea….
Sofia: Yeah
Estefany: oh,Can I go with my husband?
Sofia: oh, yeah
Estefany: Ok, see you later, bye…
Sofia: Bye…
Estefany and Daniel
Estefany: Do you want to go with me to a party?
Daniel: oh, no I have a soccer gamewith my friends
Estefany: but you have to come with me, because you are my husband
Daniel: but I can`t
Estefany: please go with me, please, it`s important to me, you don`t go with me to anythingDaniel: estefany I can`t I have to go because they invite me since Monday
Estefany: But you said me that you would come with me
Daniel: But I don`t know that it was today
Estefany: please its onlythis time
Daniel : Ok, ok I`ll go
Cristal: Hi
Sofia:Hi, oh you look beautiful…
Cristal: Oh, no you look great….
Sofia: no, no….oh, your house is wonderful….
Cristal: oh, thanks, and the others?
Sofia: the other people are coming….I call them...
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