A good computer

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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2011
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A Good Computer
In these days, computers have become more useful and user-friendly than others years. Computers have evolved over time; technology has expanded and contributed our lives in manydifferent ways for development, not only in the workplace, but also in education and learning for people. Today, people just cannot live without computers. When consumer produces make good computers forbuyers, they consider these factors: the necessity of the customer, the functionality of the computer and how the customer can save money.
First of all, the necessity of the customer is veryimportant because the computer must satisfy all the requirements that the customer is looking for. For example, the necessity for a graphic designer student would be a computer with a good video card with 3Dsupport and a good memory capacity. Furthermore, most of the people who are in the graphic design field choose to buy famous MAC computers of the Apple company because these computers have the latestgraphic design applications, video and sound. In addition, if the computer is for office work or family use, it is recommended to choose a desktop PC because these computers are accessible to saveinformation of any sort of documents, make any kind of calculations in a database, make networking relationships like Facebook, Myspace or IM, browse the internet, play video games, listen mp3 music orwatch videos.
Another important factor is the functionality of the computer. Most of the buyers focus more on this factor because it depends on the efficiency on the computer. However, there aresome details that show how fast the processor is or if there is any conflict with the operation system at the time of use. Another point would also be the durability, but all this depends on the computermode use. There are several ways to maintain computers; for instance, making frequent maintenance with a computer expert, having programs to clean old files, such as always having an antivirus; and...
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