A handbook for teacher research: from design to implementation

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CHAPTER 3: Formulating our research purposes: problems, questions, aims and objectives

Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel give asa lot of useful concepts in educational research. All those concepts helped me to understand in an easy and meaningful way how to make my future research successful. It is very important because if Ican structure my research in the right way it will not be a waste of time.

I have learned, for instance, that the research purpose has to be clear, concise, and manageable, but it is enough? Noreally, a successful study needs also an efficient data collection and data analysis in order to have a very clear research question. Thus if we want to propose a good research question we have to takeinto account what a research question is. At this point authors say that this is an angle, a slant or a perspective on a problem.

In the same way I learned important ideas about the researchproblem. This is generally defined as a situation that presents perplexity or difficulty but in an epistemological way, a problem is something to be solved or addressed by means of trying to understand orknow about the situation.

About the research question I find out that questions might not be single shots, they may be preliminary questions designed simply to begin a research process that mighthave to pose many questions and involve a lot of date collection and data analysis. For that reason, preliminary questions will often emerge from the theory or research literature based on research.
Itis very important to take into account that the research question is intimately connected with the research aim so the essential idea here is that it is a tool to contribute to understanding andresolving the problem of our research problem by addressing our research question.

Finally, I have learned that research objectives are very important elements in formulating our research purposes...
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