A heroine in chicano park

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The park of Chicano is located in San Diego; CA, and is known as urban place. In 1880 is really as park of San Diego. This place was building in 1968 and many painters start to paint murals ofdifferent characters of the Chicano history. When I was there I felt like insecure because is a zone that have fame of dangerous, but is so interesting be there and appreciate the culture. One man who waswalking in the park told me that this park is care for Mexican people, and that is very rare look American people go to the park. During 1969 the government decided to build Coronado Bay Bridge, sothey want cut the park, but the Mexican people begin to march and protest against the plan. They want to the park still as “la casa de los mexicanos”. One mural, realized in 1978 by Rupert Garcia, istitled "Muralistas Mexicanos" and it represents Frida's Kahlo face together with the portraits of Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros. I like this mural because she is one ofthe important women in the Chicano history who become a Chicana heroine. I will talk about her life and her chicana perspective.
Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon was born in July 6, 1907 inthe Blue House located at Coyoacán, Mexico. According to Malkin, Frida claimed to have been born in 1910, in solidarity with the beginning of the Mexican revolution, and at the age of 13 she joined thecommunist youth. She had two half sisters and one younger sister. She grew up in a world surrounded by females. She entered National Preparatory School which is the most prestigious educationalinstitution in Mexico. And the school has just begun to admit girls. (Herrera).
She was a Mexican famous painter. Among the 354 pieces on display are some of Kahlo's most famous self-portraits, butthrough lesser-known self-portraits, still lifes, portraits, drawings and watercolors, (Marklin). Also, she was known as a wife of a most famous muralist Diego Rivera. She suffered from emotional pain of...
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