A leave is falling

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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June 14, 2011

A leave is falling
An old feeling is leaving
A heart is beating
Five words are coming out
The wind is flowing
A bird is singing
A pen is writing
A writer is forgetting
Aforgotten feeling is arriving
A new emotion is growing.

I don’t love you anymore.

It’s been quite a long time since I last wrote you. I didn’t have more words to tell not even more nonsense toshare. Everything got erased by the wind and by this new experience. The world seems to have turned around so slow that in that turning two hearts got broken. I have said before that I had finallyunderstood, but I hadn’t. It’s from some time to now that I have truly understood this entire thing that people call love. I have been enlighten by someone who seems to be such fun such faithful, suchnot me. I have played my part too I also changed my inside, somehow. I collected the broken pieces of my heart and brought them together to get me a new one, and it is working. When a new heart isborn out a broken one, when phenomena like this occurs everything around seems to be in slow motion. The feeling of peacefulness is truly embraced by the individual perceiving the metamorphosis.From sometime to now I have also been able to recognize my face in the mirror and my own manias. I got myself back and with myself my mistakes and my smile.

It feels like if it was yesterday that Itold you I love you, all my body trembling with those words. It’s later at night now and I still have those words stock in my throat, I haven’t been able to spill them out again. I have found otherways to show love, I found a hug hiding behind his big arms, I found a kiss hiding behind his red lips, and I also found honesty behind his green eyes. I wouldn’t want to give up on my new treasurejust to hear you say what for so long I waited for, those three words that I loved once “I love you,” I rather have his hug, his kiss and his honesty. I rather have myself.

I don’t love you...
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