A little story abour archery

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A little Story about Archery
There was a Little kid that had enjoyed the Archery a lot. He use to throw three hundred arrows each day, his technique was improving every time he went to train. Butsometime, a hot girl arrived to his training place; she was red haired, tall, good movements, and dangerous curves.
He noticed her immediately. He imagined a lot of things that could happened withher. She walked to him, and she asked about his art, the archery, a lot of questions got out from her mouth. He just saw her lips; he couldn’t believe it, a hot girl asking him about his passion.The hot girl was very interested in the discipline; she wanted he train to her, she could go to train every day. He was very excited with the awesome idea. They decided to meet each other the next dayin the archery range.
They began to train together the next day. He taught her everything about the bow, limbs, string, etc. She was very intelligent and she learned very fast. Day after day sheimproved her technique. They wanted to go to competitions together. The first one was in Dallas, TX. They met Ruben Ochoa, a Mexican national champion. Ruben Ochoa was very handsome and he feltattracted to her. Oh the name of her was Helena by the way.
Nothing happened between Ruben and Helena, but our little kid was very jealous.
When the following competition begins, Helena was very excitedwith the idea of meet Ruben in New York, but Little kid didn’t want to go. Helena insisted and finally Little kid accepted. They went together. In the dinner before the competition, Helena dropped asecret dust in Little kid’s drink. The day after that happened Little kid threw his worst score in a competition, while Ruben threw his best. Helena was excited with Ruben’s score, and she fought withLittle kid about his awful score. Little kid was very confused. Finally they decided to break apart and forget all the good moments between them. Helena went with Ruben, and they began to go out....
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