A long way gone

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2011
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A Long Way Gone, 2º Essay...
Kevin Sibrian “B2”

I want to star writing that “A Long Way Gone” is one of the better books that I had read in my life like student, this book contain history,action, blood, explosions, escapes, love stories, morals, there is something that this book don´t have? It´s like a good movie in my head... the words made me laugh, excited me, almost made mecry. It´s different, it´s nice, I couldn´t have spent better my time when I read it.
I had seen war movies before, but this is different because this was real, this really happened, that give to thebook another emotion level. Remembering... Ishmael was a little boy who was running away from the war, trying to survive each day, and getting used to seeing death like a soccer match on Sunday, wecould see a weak child phisically, but with a big determination and intelligence, he had to rely on his friends, but at the same time he had to learn to care alone, he had to run from the war, an thenhe became part of the same.
Read the book is a big travel, it´s live Ishamel´s life in your own mind, it´s the story of an innocent person who lost his family, his home, his childhood, so he waschanging his way of thinking, his personality, and his actions, until he become a murderer, a soulless monster, a war machine, the kind of person from whom he was escaping, maybe for his thirst ofrevenge, maybe because he found in the brotherhood of the soldiers the family that he had lost, who knows? I only know that he was searching the way of the happiness, and at the middle of the war that´sa hard way to find.
Our daily routine is wake up, go to work or study, return at home, relax, do homework, go to bed, and the next day it´s the same... that definitely sounds boring , but it's thekind of life that people in the story wish, when you read about a daily routine replete of bullet, blood, losses, tears, and pain... our daily routine does not sound as boring as it seems. An...
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