A matter of choice

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A matter of choice
In the age 1967 the United States was running by a lot of companies, these companies planned the economy in the name of stability.
The companies in the past were hierarchicaland bureaucratic, all these companies making an standardized products, they introduce new products in the market whit predictable regularity, they give a permanent jobs to their employees, but nowthese companies don ’t exist, the global competition has change this system, right now all the corporations have change their way of production from high-volume to high-value, few people hope to get astable job, they move from job to job trying to find the right job that meets their needs.
We have two big questions; where exactly are they taking us? Where is the modern company heading?
The firstanswer is that the companies are engaged whit the silent-takeover of the world, in previous years we could see that there were many mergers and now most of them have disappeared and there companiesare more powerful than Nation States.
In the second answer, the idea change totally, it says that big companies are a thing of the past, for example the Monorail Corporation, this company sellscomputers, this company doesn’t have their own factories, warehouses or any other tangible assets, this company operates from a single floor in a rented office building in Atlanta, hear the independentworkers are those who created and design the computers while demand falls more and more.
In the third answer, the idea says that the companies are going to be replacing by net works, groups ofentrepreneurs from such network who works in one idea and sold that idea to the highest bidder.
Another way of seeing the future of a company is paying attention to the environment that determines theposition of that, technology and globalization have opened opportunities for many people who are increasingly offering more possibilities for companies such as collection information, there are more...
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